Marketers Are Focusing On Brand Building Again.

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Google says brands are moving back to brand building on its platforms as brands look to “keep their brands in front of people to stay top of minds”.

Google has seen a rise in marketers pumping ad dollars into rand building as brand try and recover form the pandemic.

In the wake of the pandemic many business began to cut budgets and focus on short-term wins.

 Chief business officer Philipp Schindler of Alphabet, acknowledged there had been “substantial pullback at the outset of the pandemic” in brands spending on Google services but this began to recover in the third quarter.

Alphabet have revealed ad revenue increased from $27.4bn in 2019 to £33.8bn ) at the end of its fourth quarter of 2020.

“Marketers realised that even if there was a pullback in consumer demand in the short-term, they needed to keep their brands in front of people to stay top of minds when spending picks back up”, adds Schindler.

Google has highlighted brand such as L’Oréal as examples of brands who adapted to the change in consumer behaviour.

However, SME’s we have worked with have also benefitted from keeping their brands in front of customers. Businesses that were forced to close have adapted to include e-commerce into their arsenal and offer digital alternatives to their services.

As the country begins to further loosen restrictions businesses more than ever need to start ramping up their marketing. We have helped businesses build their business strategy, view our marketing services here.

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